NEW! On y va Vol. 2 Primary French CD


On y va Vol. 2

This 16-track CD is the second soundtrack for our primary school French clubs. It includes original tracks to help children to say how they are feeling, count up to 1000, order food and drinks, tell the time, talk about the weather, where they live and more! Our catchy songs are bound to get everyone up and dancing. Great fun for all the family!

The 8-page CD booklet contains a French sounds chart with lyrics with pronunciation tips so even the least confident linguist can learn! Suitable from birth.

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BilinguaSing  On y va! Volume 2 – Primary French CD

On y va! Volume 2 is our second of two CDs in the On y va! CD series and is the more advanced soundtrack for our primary school clubs and classes. Great gift for a friend or family member!
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Track Listing:

1 – How Are You?  Comment ça va?

2 – This Is The Way…  Voici comment…

3 – Let’s All Go On A Holiday  En vacances, on y va

4 – Would You Like An Ice Cream?  Veux-tu one glace?

5 – What Would You Like To Drink?  Qu’est-ce que tu voudrais boire?

6 – What Would You Like To Eat?  Qu’est-ce que tu voudrais manger?

7 – Where Do You Live?  Où habites-tu?

8 – What Do You Like To Wear?  Qu’est-ce que tu aimes porter?

9 – What Do You Love To Do?  Qu’est-ce que tu adores faire?

10 – What’s The Weather Like?  Quel temps fait-il?

11 – Directions  Où est..?

12 – What Do You Look Like?  Tu es comment?

13 – Let’s Count In Tens   Comptons jusqu’à cent

14 – Goodbye, Goodbye  Au revoir

15 –  Let’s Count In Hundreds  Comptons jusqu’à mille

16 – Tell Me What’s The Time  Qu’elle heure est-il

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