Are Languages for UK Children More Important Than Ever

Following Britain’s Decision to Leave the EU?

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The aftermath of the Brexit vote

The aftermath of the Brexit vote has left the UK reeling, with the pound dropping to the lowest value seen against the US dollar in more than three decades. Analysts are warning that the economic impact could be fierce, but as diehard linguists, we’re honing in on other concerns. Whether you backed to leave, stay or didn’t vote at all, there’s no changing the final outcome. The UK is on track to leave the EU, and this means big changes for the way our children experience life as a Brit.



More important for children to learn new language

As far as we’re concerned, the decision to leave the EU means that it’s never been more important to encourage kids to learn a new language. Here’s why: The cultural impact of tighter immigration laws

‘Leaves’ 17.4 million voters didn’t have to justify their decision, however there’s no denying that promises of tightened immigration laws were a major drawcard. Prior to the vote, the UK’s affiliation with the EU allowed for free movement and labour between member states. Though with concerns over the influx of foreigners streaming into the UK, cutting immigration rates was hugely appealing to some Brits.

Yet for the nation’s status as a wonderfully diverse melting pot of cultures, the vote to leave the EU isn’t so beneficial. When it comes to interacting with other cultures and languages, slashing immigration opportunities will leave children less exposed to languages like French, Spanish and Italian.


Freedom to move

As part of the EU, citizens of member states are able to travel freely and fancifully to the countries of their choice. This means Brits are at liberty to holiday, work, study and live sans visa in a host of European nations, from sun kissed summer getaways in the French Riviera to studying medicine at the University of Valencia. For children, these international family holidays are a fantastic introduction to foreign languages. In fact, interaction with other languages at a young age is where so many linguistic love affairs begin! Without the freedom to travel between European countries so easily, exposure to European languages is also at risk


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Cultural impact of leaving the EU

Regardless of whether you’re pro Brexit, anti-Brexit or on the fence, the repercussions of the ‘Leave’ vote are going to affect all Brits. If you’ve got little ones in tow, the cultural impact of leaving the EU is definitely something to consider.

That’s where we can help! The UK may no longer be in a politico-economic union with France and Spain, but across our class locations in the South East, North and Midlands, these languages still shine bright. Created especially for babies, toddlers and young children, BilinguaSing is a fun, exciting and inspiring way to immerse kids in the allure of Europe, from the word go!

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